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System requirements and compatibility | Citrix Workspace app for Windows – Instructions

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This release supports service continuity with Citrix Workspace Web Extensions. To fix it, manually upgrade to the next version e.


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You must be connected to the internet to download and install. If not, the administrator can install these requirements using a deployment method, for example, SCCM. Windows 10 versions are compatible with mentioned Citrix Workspace app versions only.

The following table lists the Windows 11 version number and the corresponding compatible Citrix Workspace app for Windows releases. The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described in the Preview documentation remains at our sole discretion and are subject to change without notice or consultation. The documentation is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making Citrix product purchase decisions.

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Login to the PC as an administrator. If installing Workspace app , as an administrator, during installation, on the Enable Single Sign-on page, check the box next to Enable Single Sign-on. Then finish the installation. Install the receiver. Expand Citrix Workspace and click User authentication. On the right, double-click Local user name and password. Select Enabled and then check the box next to Allow pass-through authentication for all ICA connections. Click OK. You can use a GPO to configure this on the client side.

Local Intranet zone should have Automatic logon only in Intranet zone enabled. Logoff Windows and log back on. In Task Manager you should now see ssonsvr. Right-click the Workspace app icon and click Advanced Preferences. Click Configuration Checker. The lines with red x will indicate the issue and corrective action.

Select Enabled , and then click Show. Enter a store path based on the example shown in the Help box. Workspace app lets you enter a Gateway path. Then click OK. From Citrix Docs Configuring application delivery: There are several methods of controlling how Workspace app displays shortcuts on the Start Menu and Desktop as detailed below: Workspace app Registry values receiver. This only works if the app is a Favorite, or if Favorites are disabled, or Mandatory Store.

More details in Configuring application delivery at Citrix Docs. StartMenuDir — If there is potentially a conflict between local apps and remote apps, then you should place the Start Menu shortcuts in a folder. Prelaunch Staring with Receiver 4. For example, to enable scheduled pre-launch on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at p. The session actually launches between p. Copy the. Edit a GPO that applies to the endpoint devices that are running Receiver. Then expand the regions, and configure the permission settings as desired.

Enter a descriptive name for the StoreFront server. Add the path to your store e. Edit a Delivery Group that has a published desktop and Citrix Workspace app installed. Now when users launch the published desktop, Workspace app will be automatically configured with this URL. Configuration of Workspace app inside a published desktop is simplified if you have the following minimum versions: Workspace app installed inside the VDA VDA 7.

Enable the Group Policy setting Remove common program groups from Start Menu and apply it to non-administrators. Workspace app will re-add the shortcuts based on user group membership. On the VDA, configure the following Workspace app Registry keys or corresponding settings in the receiver. Otherwise, only subscribed favorited icons would be placed on the Start Menu and Desktop. Note: Windows Server and Windows 10 and newer only supports a single level of Start Menu folders, so setting this effectively turns off published app categories.

Check the box next to Allow pass-through authentication for all ICA connections. Make sure it is not in the Trusted Sites zone, or enable Automatic logon with current user name and password for the Trusted Sites zone. Make sure ssonsvr. If not, troubleshoot it. When configuring Citrix Profile Management, make sure! Assign users to the delivery group, and the individual published applications if visibility is limited. In Citrix Studio, edit each published application, and on the Delivery tab, specify a category.

This will become the Start Menu folder name. Only subscribed or Favorite apps are displayed in the Start Menu and Desktop. Also replace the path to the store with your store path.

By default, Workspace app and Receiver only support https. Your StoreFront store probably delivers both application and desktop icons. If you want to filter out the desktop icons, then create a new StoreFront store, and configure the Workspace app on the VDA to connect to the new Store.

On the Advanced Settings page, in the Filter resources by type row, choose Citrix. Edit the setting vPrefer. Set it to Allow all apps. Configure your client devices to connect to the published desktop. When users connect to the published desktop, Workspace app will auto-launch and hopefully auto-login. Users can open the systray icon to subscribe to more applications. Users can copy icons from the Start Menu to the desktop. Users can then launch applications directly from the Start Menu, from the Desktop, or from the Workspace app if the Self-Service interface is enabled.

If Workspace app 4. When launching an app icon that came from Workspace app, Workspace app checks the local VDA machine to see if the application can be launched on the local VDA instead of by creating a new Citrix double-hop session. If the application is installed locally on the VDA then the local application shortcut should launch quickly. If the user deletes Workspace app shortcuts from the Start Menu, you can get them back by going to the systray icon and refreshing the applications.

Or sometimes you have to reset Workspace app. For applications that are installed on the same VDA that is publishing the desktop, configure Group Policy Preferences to recreate the application shortcuts based on Active Directory group membership. Applications on other delivery groups are handled by Receiver. Or use the prefer keyword to copy shortcuts from the PreferTemplateDirectory.

On the VDA, configure the following Receiver Registry keys or corresponding settings in the receiver. Assign users to the Delivery Group and the applications if visibility is limited. Notice the lower case p.

With the prefer keyword, if you publish an application that is also created using Group Policy Preferences, the Group Policy Preferences icon will take precedence. This is good. Otherwise the Receiver published application icon would result in a new Citrix double-hop session. See Ralph Jansen Citrix Receiver 4. When users connect to the published desktop, Group Policy Preferences will create shortcuts to local applications.

Receiver will auto-launch and hopefully auto-login. See below for considerations. Users can then launch applications directly from the Start Menu, from the Desktop, or from the Receiver if Self-Service interface is enabled. If a local shortcut e. Group Policy Preferences shortcut, or copied from template directory matches a published application with KEYWORDS:prefer then the local shortcut will override the published application icon.

If the user deletes Receiver shortcuts from the Start Menu, you can get them back by going to the systray icon and refreshing the applications. Or sometimes you have to reset Receiver. The shortcuts copied from the Prefer Template Directory are renamed to match the published app name. For prefer local apps, any command line parameters specified in the published app are ignored. If you need these command line parameters, add them to the shortcut in the Prefer Template Directory.

If you have multiple published apps pointing to the same prefer local shortcut, then only one copy will be made, and it will have the name of only one of the published apps. To workaround this, in the Prefer Template Directory, create separate shortcuts for each published app, and adjust the published app prefer keyword accordingly. These shortcuts can then be copied to your Prefer Template Directory.

It attempts to closely resemble what an actual user would do by: Opening Internet Explorer. Completing the fields. Logging in. Clicking on the resource. Logging off the StoreFront site. Here are the available versions: Version 2. Version 2. Connector 2. Troubleshooting — Workspace app Logging There are a couple methods of logging Workspace app for Windows operations. Remove any URLs configured here. The most important addition to this version is a so-called timeline, which we also know from Facebook and LinkedIn, for example.

NOTE: Citrix disputes this as not a vulnerability. I downloaded the most recent version of Receiver and then deleted the version of Citrix Receiver that was on the Mac using the un-installer that is on the disk image with the installer. It’s not good how we can’t even uninstall the current version of Workspace to then go back to x version to get things working again.

Citrix,Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 has incredible features that help you work smarter from anywhere. This release is based on the Citrix Workspace app for Windows Any known issues in Version This upgrade does not patch the existing installation – it fully replaces it with a new installation.

Resolution: Open Default Programs in Section 1: Key Citrix Receiver Updates settings for troubleshooting. Right-click the Citrix Receiver for Windows icon in the notification area. Select Advanced Preferences, and click Auto Update. The Citrix Receiver Updates dialog appears. By default, the Yes, notify me option is enabled. Citrix Workspace app for Windows is an easy-to-install app that provides access to your applications and desktops using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix DaaS formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service from a remote client device.

Citrix Workspace app provides access from your desktop, Start menu, Citrix Workspace user If you cannot launch Citrix Receiver in Windows 11, ensure full permissions for the user account, or download and install latest version. Citrix does not automatically update the older Citrix Receiver software.

Connect your computer to the internet. Citrix and Microsoft have to work together to develop a fix Citrix, Citrix Receiver for Windows 10 has incredible features that help you work smarter from anywhere. Receive version updates, utilities and detailed tech information. This video shows you how to solve Citrix Receiver problem in Windows Command line interface. Click OK to update to Beta build. To switch from a Beta build to a Release build, do the following steps: Open Citrix Workspace app from the system tray.

Citrix provides a number of server- and desktop-based products, but it is best known for its virtualization solutions. Its long-term partnership with Microsoft has made the company a popular choice in enterprise scenarios. Citrix Workspace app is the easy-to-install client software that provides seamless secure access to everything you need to get work done.

Visit the Citrix website to download and install the latest version of Note: If any new updates are available, an auto-update notification appears. Latest versions of almost all major browsers are HTML If you right click on winlogon.